Please complete system configuration setup on the. /dev/ttyACMx

After flashing with sdkmanager to nvme it got into this state.
The serial console connection [ usb B micro] outputs below

[   19.841041] Please complete system configuration setup on theg. /dev/ttyACMx where x can 0, 1, 2 etc.

It won’t work
the usb-c serial mode won’t trigger neither in case it gets connected to Jetson AGX devkit nor to a laptop.
the only thing which works is serial usb-micro-b [ after flashing]
[ it creates 4 ttyACM devices on connectoion]
Also the USB-C connection works for recovery mode flashing [ before flashing] but then it won’t create serial device after
Afte rflashing it [usb-C recovery connection] won’t be listed as /dev/ttyACM* neither COM11[windows]
Is there any chance to bypass the oem-setup step which won’t work in this situation?

Check this post.

Thank you for following up.
I was able to overcome temporarily the situation by using the l4t_create_default user which allowed using sdkmanager runtime installation to login already after the flashing using the serial cable somehow

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