Please confirm if JAO moudle support boot from U disk

So far, I can boot JAO moudle from PC(PC worked as a USB host,JAO is a device). Could you please help to confirm if JAO can boot from a USB disk (in this case, JAO will work as a USB host). If the answer is YES, IS JAO’s USB2.0_P0 a USB OTG port?

You would have to give more explicit details on what the JAO device is. Knowing this would determine what the required driver is, and the driver could be examined in “/proc/config.gz” to see if it is configured. However, if you are trying to boot the Jetson from a USB disk, then this won’t work by default (you’d have to set it up to work with that, but I’ve not done so, and thus cannot give a good answer on how to make it bootable with a USB disk; booting from a USB disk would not require any special driver, but would still require setup).

Almost forgot: The port on the left side of the 40-pin header of the AGX Orin is USB-C, and not OTG.


JAO is not booting from PC. JAO is booting from the internal emmc disk. The files in the emmc is flashed by the PC. After flash, the PC has nothing to do with your jetson anymore. You can put your jetson far from your host and it can still boot.

I mean, the usb device mode has nothing to do with the boot.

The usb boot means it will try to boot from the usb drive. But this time you need to manually prepare the usb drive files.

Sorry for this confusion.
I mean here is that in flashing mode.
You know, I cannot confirm if the developer with a PC is available when BOX is needed to flash. The best process is that:

  1. insert a USB disk
  2. Power up with a forcing button/gpio TO enter flashing mode.
  3. JAO boot from a UEFI USB device.
  4. JAO flash its eMMC.
  5. Checking and Reboot.
    So could jetson support this?

Ok, I think the question needs to be clarified as “is jetson able to be flashed by any external disk?”. Is that what you want to ask?

Flash and boot are totally different concept. Please be aware of that.

If that is the question you want to ask, the answer is no. There is no support for this.

OK, got it!

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