Please explain why Folding@home FIX is not included in latest drivers(375.39 & 378.13)

NEVERMIND … nobody at nVidia, apparently, cares to explain. I have been using the Linux 375.39 driver for a few days and have not had a FAH failure (yet) so presume that the ‘fix’ was in the driver even tho’ undocumented.
And yet more hours lost in my life that I will never get back. :(

RE: WARNING Do not upgrade to 375/376.xx drivers (for xx<48) at

FAH Cores fail to start or complete every time on my dual processor multi-core system with Linux OS using 375.26 for GTX1060-6G. (they run & complete with windoz 8.1 driver 378.49)

I read driver releases “Release Highlights” and there is no mention of the fix as there was in the previous windoz release. RE: Changes and Fixed Issues in Version 378.49 item [Folding @ Home] Work unit errors occur. [200262613/1831430]

I did check ‘Known Issues’ and a few other items in the Linux README but the fix or no-fix is not there. Of course I could have missed it SINCE THERE IS NO PDF OR WHOLE “README” DOCUMENT AVAILABLE TO SEARCH ANYMORE!?!

Is it an oversight(not listed) in the “Release Highlights” for 375.39 & 378.13?

If not an oversight then WHY is the fix for the bug(s) introduced by previous drivers not included for this update, as it was for the Windows’ versions?

I’m sick to death of windoz so need the FAH to run properly in Linux.

{EDIT: added more info}