Please fix this issues.. making and almost perfect OpenCL SDK..

This are the things that are most wished for me to be fixed:


  1. Support kernels with a loop with a lot of MADS for testing peak flops: this gets long compile times-> kernel in CUDA compiles fast…

  2. Ship an up to date ICD compatible with AMD one i.e fix ICD for detecting also AMD backend… (or AMD ship fixed OCL iCD dll)…

  3. expose

clGetGLContextInfoKHR(cl_context_properties *properties,

                  cl_gl_context_info param_name,

                  size_t param_value_size,

                  void *param_value,

                  size_t *param_value_size_ret) 

is not in hearders, .lib and also not exported in khronos .dlls

  1. Add DirectCompute ocean demo to OpenCL port in GTC09 (shown): i.e are the plans to publish OpenCL port of DirectCompute ocean demo shown in GTC OpenCL course…

  2. Ship a driver compatible with new Nvidia DirectX interop extensions

  3. fp_16 and 3d_image_write extensions?

ocl compiler bugs:

  1. and bug in ATI AES sample… see:

Thanks. Also, I’ve found a way to fix AESEncryptDecrypt sample to pass test on nvidia: just replace

unsigned char hiBitSet = (a & 0x80);


unsigned char hiBitSet = ((a>127)?128:0);


It looks weird, but it works
  1. fft apple lib see:

Take a look at fft_base_kernels.h, see line 4 of “baseKernels”, the complexMul line.

The define seems to be too complicated to the NVidia OpenCL compiler, I replaced the define by a function and it’s now working:

float2 complexMul(float2 a,float2 B) { return (float2)(mad(-(a).y, (B).y, (a).x * (B).x), mad((a).y, (B).x, (a).x * (B).y));}
  1. kernels without parameters don’t compile

bugs in SDK:

  1. samples get platformID but have to set parameter to NULL for working on non Nvidia imp (AMD imp.)…

or fix the function for setting to NULL at first…

  1. Oclutils: getdevice(i) check num devices but returns wrong data if i=num devices due to incorrect check if(i>numdevices) error…

  2. Shrutils: findfilepath if you put absolute path “c:…” fails due to adding “.” you have to add “” to add paths…