Please get revision history up to date Revision History

Could someone on the CUDA development team please upload the latest revision history for the CUDA manual? The revision history is at 1.0 while the manual is at 1.1 Having the revision history available makes it easier to quickly pick out what’s been updated in CUDA 1.1 without having to reread the whole rest of the document.



I think that if you check the release notes you will know what the differences are between CUDA toolkit 1.0 and CUDA toolkit 1.1.

Taking the differences in mind, I think it is possible to check for lets say those chapters in the programming guide. If you read 1.0 and check the differences it will not be a problem.

Hey Gary,
Sorry about that. The link on cudazone is pointing to the old revision doc. We’ll get the link updated, but you can find it here…ion_History.txt