Please help: Booting into black screen with fans off using NVidia driver

Hi. Yesterday blueman hung when i tried to connect my controller. I triggered a reboot and ended up in a black screen. Never had issues to this point. Was working well. I booted into recovery mode and tried to debug this, upgrade drivers and such, but i’m a little helpless by now.

  • When i am in the black screen watching temp via SSH, they go up with fans staying off. nvidia-smi yells “ERR!” for the fan.
  • I can boot into graphical mode, when i deinstall the nvidia driver. Nouveau says “unknown chipset”. Logs says i’m running with nomodeset.
  • I can boot into my Windows installation and use the GPU (GF 3700) normally. Also the fans do work here.


nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (310.6 KB)

I made a fresh installation of Linux Mint 21. Issue persists.
As soon as i install the NVidia driver and reboot, i end up in a black screen :-(
I also had to kill the Xorg process this time to get the bug report log.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (334 KB)

PS: At least the fan speed is no longer “ERR!” now.

Solved. Somewhat. Had to downgrade to driver 510. Even though i was running 515 for month now without issue.