Please help - Create is crashing my whole computer

Create seems to be crashing my whole computer. Even with nothing loaded into the scene I see my memory and virtual memory climbing to a point and then my whole computer shuts down.

Its happened every time I’ve opened create, within about 5 minutes and no amount of population or depopulation in the scene seems to make a difference.

Running a Threadripper3970X, 3090RTX, 128GB Ram, on Windows 11’- all 980evopro NVME hard disks

SYSLOG shows an error with a VM switch but doesnt give me much more.
Its not CPU overheating
Its not GPU over heating and cant see anyother issues except the VM switch error on the logs.

Any help would be appreciated.
I am running GPU and CPU through the program.

Hi there,
Thanks for posting. I am sorry to hear you are having such serious issues. Let’s run through some stuff.

  1. You say it is crashing your actual whole computer ? Not just the program ? Can you describe ? It makes the computer hard crash with a blue screen ? Or does it just go black and restart the computer ?
  2. You are using cpu and gpu together under Rendering settings ? Lets try with just gpu. Cpu is less effective. It may be making your computer unstable some how.
    3, Please make sure you update your gpu drivers to the latest version
  3. If there is anyway to get a video of it crashing, that would be helpful.
  4. Tell me about your VM setup. You are remoting into another machine ? The specs you have provided are for that remote machine ?
  5. Finally please send me the logs from Create so we can take a look.

Hey Richard,
Thanks for the reply.

  1. Yes it’s shutting down my whole computer. No warning, no static, no blue screen, just a hard shutdown and no restart… it just hangs on the restart so I have to clear the system - switch off and hold down the power button for ten secs

  2. yes I selected CPU and GPU. I’ll try change back to GOU but haven’t actually rendered anything - not getting anywhere near that far before shutdown.

Fixed - only when running blender simultaneously otherwise stable - that does mean that I cant use models accross platforms though

Yes that sounds like you are running some other heavy GPU apps at the same time and its causing some kind of hardware or driver failure. The other possibility is that your gpu or power supply is close to failure and the heavy gpu load is causing it to hard fail.