Please, help me! rtTrace error


I’m new in optix and I’m getting some trouble with optix 2.6/3.0 and I hope you help me.
I’m getting a “Unkonw Error” when I call rtProgramCreateFromPTXFile on every cuda file with rtTrace call.

I’m using visual c++ and cuda 4.2.

Sorry about my english.


I figured out what was the problem but I don’t know exactly the reason.
I just disabled the gpu debug info (-G option).

I compared my ptx file with the ptx sample and my file was bigger than sample, so I think it was some error on generating ptx.

Yes, -G does a lot of things to the PTX output that can make it difficult for OptiX to properly analyze your code. The release notes mention not to do this, but the programming guide seems to have failed to mention this also. This should hopefully make it into a future release.

Hey JBigler, thanks!

I read just the programming guide.