Please help solve,TX2 can not start the problem

Hello there! Our company now use your project driverless TX2 module, encountered a thorny problem, please help analyze the next reason, very urgent, thank you!
Specifically this:

  1. TX2’s DC 19V power, the serial port 0 no print output, the measured output is 1.8V long high, suspected Tegra did not run up
  2. Test TX2 (VDD_IN, VIN_PWR_BAD #, POWER_BTN #, CARRIER_PWR_ON, RESET_OUT #) Power-on waveforms, see screenshot below
  3. The SOC_PWR_REQ driven LED can also be lit.
  4. In addition to ask the next addition to the serial port has no other tools to detect TX2 internal Tegra and PMIC, eMMC and other operating conditions?
  5. From the current test PMIC began to work, and other internal work abnormalities, especially Tegra do not know how to detect, TX2 pin which will affect the internal SOC start?
  6. If the timing of the power has a very strict requirement, we have a TX2 alone with a seat, only to provide 19V power supply, the POWER_BTN # short to ground, it seems that serial port 0 is also up, but kept sending data May I ask why?

Hi, did you compare your power sequence to that of OEM DG (figure 3) and find any difference? Is the board in recovery mode? Please check the strapping pins connections to confirm no one is wrongly pull up/down, just refer to chapter 12.7 in OEM DG.