Please kill the login thing for the SDK manager

We have better things to do than to keep remembering the password for the SDK manager that keeps forgetting my password. Now you have made this process even more worse as now a browser opens up and we need to captcha etc etc. it is annoying and useless, its a ubuntu image… How much security do we need?

After signing on with the wrong password i had to go and restore my password and reset it, i wasted an hour on this just to reflash my Xavier.

Please, just kill this thing and leave ie open and up to the system PC to manage the security.


Agreed, this is a drag on productivity and breaks my concentration. I recognize the importance of the password but the login progress is frustratingly sluggish now. The captchas add insult to injury.

Thanks for the feedback.

SDK Manager includes “Stay logged in” option which is enabled in both GUI and CLI. This will streamline the login process into SDK Manager (after the first login).

No this does not work. This morning I tried to reflash a jetson and it said “Session Expired” and i had to repeat the same garbage again

The “Stay logged in” option only works if this is a fresh install of SDK Manager 1.3.1. It doesn’t work if this is an upgrade of SDK Manager from old version. We’ll fix the bug in future releases. Now we could run the following bash commands as a workaround to solve this bug.

sudo apt install sqlite3
sqlite3 -batch ~/.nvsdkm/sdkm.db “ALTER TABLE user_profile ADD COLUMN clientToken TEXT; ALTER TABLE user_profile ADD COLUMN sub TEXT”