Please Nvidia could you build an ARM version of the SDKmanager ?

I own a Jetson Nano and want to buy a Xavier,

it shouldn’t be a big thing, for you Nvidia, to build the SDKmanager for Jetson Nano, same Ubuntu just ARM.

Come on, a configure, make, is all it would need.

Why do you want to make it complicated? (What x86 should I use? USB3 ?, Parallels ? …)

I think they are unlikely to do that because of the extra testing and maintenance issues. Most people who do use SDKM use it on a host device to flash various Tegra targets. If you are running the target as if it were the host, how do you flash yourself?

If you only have a windows machine available (or a supported Mac), you should be able to dual boot Ubuntu. Nowadays Ubuntu even resizes some partitions for you (eg. NTFS) so you don’t have to shrink it in windows beforehand. Still you should always make a backup of your important files.

Even if SDKM did run on arm64, then you’d still need an external host PC (running arm64) to run the program during flash (I could see how it might be nice to do this from a tablet, but tablets in general won’t be big enough screens…plus there is the future package based method which will probably supersede SDKM). Self-flash won’t work regardless of porting if that is what you are looking for.