Please release the Jetson AGX Xavier Camera Module Hardware Design Guide

We have been waiting for the release of Jetson AGX Xavier Camera Module Hardware Design Guide for 9 months. nvidia please be responsible and release that document asap.

We bought the AGX Xavier kit because your blog on 2018 Aug 30 said this doc is coming and in your specs you say the board supports SLVS-EC. However there is virtually no documentation talking about how can we use it to connect to a sensor till now.

This is very bad scam for the believers in your technology. Talking to your suggested partners about SLVS-EC cameras or software drivers is useless, 5 out of 5 of them we contacted say they don’t have such a solution.

I am even more unhappy when I see your company has resources to release a new product Jetson Nano but have no resources to write a documentation in the past nine months for your developers. This is very bad business ethics.

Hi Jerry/Nvdia.
I have waiting for your hardware documents on SLVS-EC but …

Any how.

From your Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_SW_Features_R31.1.pdf

Support for SLVS-EC interface sensors. Validated with Sony
IMX 204 reaching performance of 60 frames/second for

I designed the IMX421 interface with PCIe x16. I am using your IMX 204 driver now.
It is not work. Any how can we stop at your office for help.

I am in San Jose, Do you have Sony IMX 204 at your office.

hi all,

we had verified SLVS-EC functionality locally with IMX204,
you could also check below kernel sources for reference.


Hi Jerry.

Thanks for your respone. Yes I had using your IMX204.C & tegra194-camera-e3377-a001.dtsi.
Per your software , we do not have any document and It will take few months to understand your code.
We have to work arround to detect the camera but we can not receive the SLVS-EC image yet.

Do you know the vendor for IMX204 and I want to purchase this camera.

Do you have the schematic for this IMX204. Is your camera interface to the PCIe16.
Please let me know.


The design guide is released now.

Hi Trumany/ Jerry.

Thanks for info but
The camera module is MIPI-CSI.
it will not work for me.

I am looking for SLVS-EC camera schematic, the SLVS-EC lines are on PCIe16 bus.

SLVS-EC for Sony IMX204 or Sony IMX421.

How do you test with Sony IMX204 if you do not have the schematic.

We have been waiting for 8 months…


hello vnsemi,

there’s another discussion thread Topic 1052753 talking about slvs-ec support for your reference.
please also check Topic 1052753, comment #16 for the heads-up of bringup a new slvs-ec sensor.

Hi Jerry.
Yes I see the topic 1052735, and they can not solve problem yet.

From your info “since we had only been tested slvs-ec with IMX204.”

Can you send or prove a video link that show slvs-ec IMX204 will work with Jetson Xavier.

Do you have the schematic for IMX204 with PCIe 16 Jetson Carrier board.

Do you have a support team in Bay Area/ San Jose. I would like to bring my
board to test with your software.


Hi Jerry.
3) SLVS-EC interface needs two input clocks (XHS, XVS) to do synchronization. Make sure to program these two clock source correctly (In Device Tree, using VGP pins) . Otherwise, you will not get any output from sensor.

I can not get output from the sensor. Can you explain more detail to program two clokc source.


Thanks for the response in releasing the notes for MIPI camera.
But there is still no guide for SLVS-EC.

Reading the code and guessing what needs to be done is very inefficient…

Can Nvidia share the schematics or gerber of the SLVS-EC test board that you tested will work with your code?

We cannot make our own board if there is no application notes or sample… It is best if we can buy an evaluation board from you and test the performance first before we make our own board.

Currently the hardware design guide of SLVS-EC camera is not ready to release yet. It will be released to DLC once available.

Is there an update for the release date of the hardware design guide supporting the SLVS-EC camera interface?

Yes, here it is:

I am not sure if Nvidia will work with SLVS-EC SONY sensor. It is problem with the Ref Clock.
Do not wait time.