Please solve problems with all emulators on Tegra note 7

hello, play retro games emulators Tegra note 7 is not funny, issues shuttering, lag, drop frame and very bad performance.

emulators tested:
all emulators Robert Broglia snes9x, NES.emu … etc
drastic ds emulator
Mupen64 + AE FREE
all work with very poor performance :(

This problem is present in all versions of android 4.2.2 to 5.1 lollipop checked

Apparently it’s an easy problem to solve because it was fixed in nvidia portable shield with 101 upgrade only 3 mb

if a developer friendly heart could deploy that update to our beloved NVIDIA Tegra note 7’d all users happy

I will be attentive to this thread if we can expect that this terrible problem is resolved

sorry for my bad English

You’ve gotta love a company that has a fix and then withholds it for an update that they’ve been promising for months instead of issuing a hotfix. You wanted to make tablets, Nvidia… well then step up and actually take care of your customers… I mean come on, even Samsung is better than this!!

Bad ports that have loose connections and break easily
Cheap casing quality (clearly still an issue with the Shield Tab)
No Console Mode
No support for the Shield Controller
Persistent software glitches that have lasted over a year
Terrible communication from Nvidia regarding ANYTHING
No developer community due to terrible or incomplete source code
Janky GIT hub that’s aggravated every dev who’s taken a crack at this thing

Shall I go on, or do you REALLY think this is how to take care of your customers?

We can expect a solution to this problem in games and emulators …
We expect short-term solution ???

snes9x creator of these problems mentioned in lollipop Robert Broglia 5.1 and got the following answer:

Hi, this is a Known issue and from my testing I found 2 Problems with the 5.1 update:

  1. The CPU speed decreases to very low levels if you do not push any buttons on the gamepad, Causing dropped frames
  2. The refresh rate is now reported almost as incorrectly when it’s actually 60.03Hz 59.94Hz Causing timing issues
    These problems I Reported to Nvidia and They Said they’re looking into it. They can fix esta Hopefully in the next OS update.

Now i’m hoping That Nvidia is making an update soon to get rid of These bugs / problems

Please someone answer by nvidia