Please someone clarify these regarding ROI


I’ve read a number of posts as well as documentation but I’ve still got some questions regarding ROI (and by the look of it, I’m not the only one). If someone could answer these questions that would be awesome for the community.

  1. Is NvOSD_LineParams the recommended way to add ROI to a video stream? If so, should I expect lines to show up on the video as I run the application? (Followed suggestions at but lines are not showing up on video)

  2. After defining ROI using the above method, I’m expecting objects to only be recognised if they’re within the ROI area. Is that a correct expectation or is there additional code to be written to make this happen?

  3. What’s the difference between using NvOSD_LineParams and NvOSD_RectParams? What does NvOSD_RectParams do differently / what is it used for?

Thank you so much!

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