Please suggest PCI card (or how to break 5s limit)

Hi. I wrote my first CUDA application last night! :) But have already encountered timeouts caused by the 5-sec limitation. :( I have broken the problem into pieces to ensure all is working fine, which it is (currently 9x speedup over 3.2GHz CPU), but it would be nice to not have to divide the problem. I read in the release notes that if I got a second graphics card that there would no longer be the 5-sec limitation. Do others have experience with this? I am currently running the kernel on a 8800GTX card and there are only x1 PCI-e and PCI slots left on this motherboard. The OS is win XP.

I want to hold off replacing the motherboard and getting another high-priced card until I’m comfortable with CUDA. I’ve only had these for a couple of weeks and by the time I learn CUDA NVIDIA will have likely released a new product anyway :)

In the mean time, is there a way to disable the timeout in software?

If not, would someone please suggest a graphics card that I could use as the primary leaving the 8800GTX as a CUDA only card? The graphics card has to support 1920x1200 over DVI. I looked quite a while this morning and the only PCI NVIDIA cards that I could find maxed out at 1600x1200 over DVI.

Thank you

For example, I looked at the specs for FX line of NVIDIA cards at [url=“”][/url] and the pdf file contained

DVI support for compatibility with nextgeneration
flat panel displays with
resolutions up to and including 1600x1200

but it also said

Dual RAMDACs (up to 400 MHz) for display
resolutions up to and including

Is the published 1600x1200 spec only because that was the maximum at the time or was all FX based card limited to 1600x1200 when used with DVI?

Of course if there is something better in a PCI based card to compliment the 8800GTX please let me know.

Thank you

Alterantively is there a PCIe x1 card that would work? I can’t seem to find any for sale retail. Or is there little hope and I should just replace the motherboard?


Have you considered an old PCI card. Don’t know if Vista would work but XP should.
Assuming you just need a text based display and not a graphical one.

Here’s an option I’ve used. The Quadro NVS 285 is a PCIe x1 and has a resolution of 2048x1536. Using that as your primary display and running CUDA on your 8800GTX will work fine. You should be able to find them for sale on-line just seach for that name. PNY has them usually.

Make sure you order the x1 model because there’s also a x16.

I have this configuration and if you want me to test your program that hits the 5-sec timeout just send me a message on here and I can get your code and run it for you.


You can solve this in software. Install linux and run in console mode without X. No 5 s limitation at all.

my graphics card is Quadro FX5600, which have a 1.5GB memory, until now I do not encounter any time limit problem. if you like, you can send your program to me, and I can run it for you. my email is

perhaps this will disable the watchdog timer: