Please unify deepstream-app and deepstream-test5-app

• Hardware Platform: any
• DeepStream Version: 6,1
• Issue Type: suggestion/improvement

In the documentation of deepstream-app you can find descriptions for Message Converter and Message Broker (within the Sink Group). But at least in the case of KAFKA no messages are emitted at all. You have to use deepstream-test5-app. Than anything works fine without any changes in the configuration.
On the other hand the copying of the confidence levels of detected objects is missing in deepstream-test5-app in file deepstream_test5_app_main.c in function generate_event_msg_meta():
meta->confidence = obj_params->confidence;
A shortcomming that is fixed in deepstream-app some years ago…
I think it would be much easier to maintain one App and its documentation instead of two …

Thank you for the suggestion!

You can merge the two apps together by yourself if it is urgent for you. The code is open source.

Thx, I did it already for myself as you can see by my reference to the missing code line, but the problem, that the documentation doesn’t fit the implementation will foul any new user of the code… As well as the problem with the confidences which seems to be fixed according to various threads in this forum but in reality it is fixed for one application only… Redundancy is never a good practice, because it is really hard to take care of various branches of copied code.

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