Please when I use docker on wsl2,prompts me not found

First of all, my environment is disconnected from the network, the system is win10, the graphics card is nvidia RTX4090, the version of DockerDesktop is 4.21.1, the graphics card driver is 531.61, and the cuda version is 12.1. I did not install a linux distribution, such as Ubuntu, because there is no network, so I put the image into the system by importing it from a USB disk. When running docker run -it --gpus all, the error docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed:, the key information is nvidia-container-cli: initialization error: load library failed: : cannot open shared object file.
What should I do, experts please give some advice, please, I am very grateful for everyone’s help, thank you
Does this problem have something to do with nvidia-container-toolkit? The official image does not seem to have installed the toolkit. Is there any missing runtime?
Run the container through docker in wsl2 --gpus prompts that cannot be found