Plotting Text programmatically with Holoviz in python

Hi all,

We implemented an endoscopy tool tracking prototype, similar to the one you provided in the holohub repository. For our application, we do inference on a YOLOv8 model, which works really well.

In order to visualize the result, we’d like to plot the bounding box and the label with holoviz. In addition, we also want to plot the confidence value.

However, I did not figure out how to add string to the output message in the compute function of our PostprocessingOP and emit the message, such that the HolovizOP can utilize the string.

I did not find any example application in the holohub repository doing exactly that. In all cases, text is statically specified within the YAML file.

Could you provide a working example in python?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, very cool to hear about your tool tracking app with Yolo v8! For dynamically defining text at each call to compute(), the feature is not yet available in Holoscan and coming in a future release! Please stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, while we can’t dynamically display the exact value at this moment, one thing you could do is pre-define a few text strings of confidence ranges and display the corresponding range that the value falls into at each call to compute().

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Thanks for your rapid response and your approach. I never thought about doing it like that, but I it will surely be sufficient for our use case.

Is there a general timeline on what is being implemented in upcoming releases?

For this feature of dynamically defining text to render, the timeline is estimated around the end of July.

Perfect. Thanks for the response

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