Plugin Manager in the Linux kernel R32.1

I have been attempting to port my modified plugin-manager.c to R32.1 but have noticed that whenever the system boots, the status of the plugin-manager device tree node is set to disabled.

This seems to be done by cboot, but I am unable to further investigate other than looking at logs as the source does not seem to be available yet.

Cboot log for plugin-manager:

[0003.962] I> Plugin-manager override starting
[0003.968] I> node /plugin-manager/fragement@0 matches
[0003.978] I> node /plugin-manager/fragement@4 matches
[0003.991] I> node /plugin-manager/fragment-sdwake-p3310-1000-300 matches
[0004.010] I> node /plugin-manager/fragement-pmon-p3310-1000-300 matches
[0004.020] I> node /plugin-manager/fragement-pmon-p3310-1000-800 matches
[0004.029] I> node /plugin-manager/fragment-devslp@0 matches
[0004.041] I> node /plugin-manager/fragment-500-pcie-config matches
[0004.056] I> node /plugin-manager/fragment-500-xusb-config matches
[0004.080] I> node /plugin-manager/fragment-p3310-c00-comm matches
[0004.093] I> node /plugin-manager/fragment-p3310-c00-pmic matches
[0004.104] I> node /plugin-manager/fragment-p3310-c01 matches
[0004.116] I> node /plugin-manager/fragment-p3310-c03 matches
[0004.155] I> node /plugin-manager/fragment-p3310-c00-camera matches
[0004.182] I> Disable plugin-manager status in FDT
[0004.186] I> Plugin-manager override finished successfully

I am curious if there is a correct way to keep plugin-manager enabled, or if the plugin-manager kernel driver is deprecated and I should stop depending on it.


I think you misunderstood this part.
plugin manager is to override the device tree so that kernel driver would take effect. In your case, plugin-manager already finished so it sets to disabled.

It does not mean plugin-manager didn’t work.

I understand that Plugin Manager worked as intended our of the box. We need to make modifications for it to work as we require.

My question is what is creating the output I am looking at? I do not see anything in drivers/of/plugin-manager.c that would create this output.

It would also seem that plugin-manager is now being done before the kernel loads, thus making me guess it is now part of c-boot with the R32.1 release.


Yes, plugin-manager is now moving to cboot. We are still working on the release of r32.1 cboot.

Also, I believe that this is first time someone wants to customize the plugin-manager. May I know what are you going to do?

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That is as I suspected. I have already made the appropriate changes for us to not require plugin-manager directly, but a greatly cut-down version.

We require the ability to support many different camera configurations, but are unable to probe eeproms to ID cameras modules. This is due to the nature of many of our cams not have eeproms and not being able to access them to probe due to how they are connected over a serializer/deserializer link.

We have been using kernel parameters to apply the necessary overlays. This will not work on Xavier as there seems to be no way to modify kernel parameters from user space (please correct me if I am wrong).

We cannot help for your case. Please wait until the release of cboot source. Or implement one eeprom on your camera board.