PNG color doesn't not display properly

Hello, I have this PNG:

And it doesn’t display properly when using it in material:

It appears like it has no alpha at all!

Hi @user79641 ,

To display alpha you will need to plug the PNG into opacity map slot in the material like the screenshot below. Hope it helps .

Hello, I use the texture with a blend color node to blend it with another texture. Setting the bitmap node to mono_alpha doesn’t seem to fix that. My solution is to premultiply it before sending to Create.

Hello @user79641! I tried this myself and I was also surprised to see that the alpha in my OmniSurface png texture rendered out white. I did some digging and we do have a bug for this issue (OM-53617). The dev team is working on a solution for this!

Thank you!

Omniverse core materials assume you have rgb images for color mapping. And for opacity, a single channel is used to then premultiple. The opacity can read the alpha from the image source if available or use average, luminance, or maximum in cases where your opacity image stores the information in the RGB channels.

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