PoE pins usage on Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX dev kit board

Hi there,

This is about the PoE pins on Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX dev kit board for powering the device via PoE.

As per spec guide, " A 4-pin Power over Ethernet (PoE) header (J19 – 1x4 male, 2.54 mm pitch) brings out the VC power pins of the Ethernet connector. In addition, a 2-pin Backpower header (J18 – 1x2 male, 2.54 mm pitch) provides an alternate path for the input voltage (3A max). In order to use this alternate PoE power mechanism, the design will require a power converter to take the high voltage PoE supply (38V-60V) and convert it to the 9V-20V input the carrier board requires."

Does that mean no ground connection is required? Also, are all 4 PoE supply pins identical then?

There is ground pin on Ethernet connector. They are identical for Xavier NX.