PoE Splitter Support


I have a PoE splitter with the following specs:

  • Input: 44 ~ 56 VDC
  • Output: 12V 2A 24Watt

and have another one from the same vendor but outputs: 12V 1A 15.4 W

Are these power budgets enough to operate the Xavier Nx?

I use my Nx with power mode 2, which I need all CPUs to run. And I consume ~10W in my application

Thank you

Hi, the real power consumption depends on use case, in general task, it is about 10W ~ 15W for module as said in datasheet.

Hi @Trumany ,

Thanks for the reply

Regardless of our power consumption, would you tell if those specs are fitting with Xavier Nx’s power needs?

Hi @edli1983 @Trumany,

I still looking for an answer to my issue. Would you tell if following specs are fine to operate Xaavier Nx?

  • 12V 2A → 24W
    -12V 1A → 15.4W

Thank you

As said the general power is 10W ~ 15W. It can be higher, you should consider/estimate your use case to choose supply.

Thank you for the answer, @truman

Another issue, I plugged a standard power jack cable to the Xavier Nx but it didn’t fit at all.
But the same power jack cable fits into Jetson Nano’s barrel jack.
Would you clarify if their barrel jack types are different from each other? I couldn’t find any information about that in Xavier Nx’s user guide.

Thank you

It’s 2DC-0005D200 on nano, and 2DC-0005B206F on NX, they are different.