Point rootfs to M2 NVMe SSD mount location

The Nvidia Xavier does not seem to have the /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf to change the root location. Having set up a NVMe SSD with a filesystem and mounted it on the Xavier, I wish to now set the default rootfs location to the new mount location. How can I do this?

This work has to be done by cboot now. I am still checking if it can work.

Thanks WayneWWW. I attempted to change a line in the flash.sh script, from cmdline+="root=/dev/${target_rootdev} rw rootwait "; to cmdline+="root=/dev/nvme0n1p1 rw rootwait ";, but the Xavier has issues booting up as a result, and I had to reflash it with the original script to get it to work again.

Hope you had some success with this.

Hi somesh6e81r,

Sorry that I just confirmed we only support SDcard or USB boot. There is no NVMe SSD because we need to do some setting on that storage device first on host before flashing, and it is hard to do it with NVMe devices. Also, it seems cboot does not support such workflow yet.

I will help push this as a feature request, but don’t know if it would be implemented or not.