PointCloud Imported only show half in Omniverse Problem

I meet a problem when import a e57 format pointcloud into omnverse, what is that the view only show a half ,when i drag the point to left ,it disappeared, only the right screen can display points, i attach a video above

left_will_disappear.wmv (4.9 MB)

the methods above were what i have tried, but didn’t work:

  1. change the default light to others type and the parameters related to lights;
  2. load pointcloud as a usd or copy data, both didn’t work;
  3. use another pointcloud
  4. adjust cellSize in FlowPointCloud

can somebody give me some help, thinks

my test pointcloud is
milk_cartoon_all_small_clorox.e57 (3.5 MB)

Hello @wslf0115! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

Thanks@WendyGram, But is there any results now?