I have a Poller.exe file that periodically notifies me

“You need the latest AndroidWorks to update components. Click here to visit the official website.”

After some googling I’ve found posts from 2005 identifying this as a trojan virus, but there is no other information about it. Nothing more recent than 2005 from some forum. This program does take me to the Nvidia update page so seems legit…

I cant find any info so I’m asking here, has anyone had this issue before? Is it a virus? A simple AVG scans identifies no issues. If it is legit why is there no AndroidWorks update?

Hi mikeparks,

This issue seems not related with DRIVE PX2 platform.
May I know what’s your device and OS?


This issue is not related to the DRIVE PX2 platform. I just posted this in a ‘general’ discussion as I couldnt find any thread to post this is. I did not realize the specific thread I ended up choosing though…


I have 2 machines with the same issue. My desktop PC and my laptop. I use UE4 to develop for Android, and install the androidworks - codeworksforandroid-1R6u1 file from the UE4 install files.

My PC runs 1060GTX, i5 -7600k Win10.
My Laptop runs 1060GTX, i7-7700HQ Win10.

Both have the same CodeWorksforAndroid installed Android SDK/API files installed. All of them except Nsight Tegra as it wants me to install older versions of Visual Studio and I dont need it.