Polygon Parametrization for 2D Airfoils


I am currently working on 2d flow around airfoils, and I want to create a parametrized polygon geometry to model different airfoils.

The polygon function takes in a list of points to create the geometry. I have a function which creates a list of points describing an airfoil based off parameters. I was wondering whether it is possible to parametrize the polygon object using this function and a set of parameter ranges? I’m not sure how this can be implemented or whether it is possible.

In addition, from this thread, it says that the polygon object can be slow, and when I run trainings I can take already up to 30 minutes before training actually starts. Thus, would the polygon parametrization approach even be feasible (especially if there are 6 different parameters)? Would using discrete STL files be better?

Thank you,


Hi mathieusalz,

Based on experience, yes, parametrization can be done and polygon will be slow. For the parametrization, u just have to follow the example given in modulus. polygon is still better than stl for 2D i believe. i’m having prob with stl at the moment. however, polygon is a one off operation so it’s not tt bad. good luck!