Poor 3070 performance vs 1060

I moved my old MSI x370 gaming carbon motherboard, 1800x CPU and 1060 to a second chassis and upgrade my main rig to an MSI B550 Tomahawk, a 5600x and 3070. Both systems are running Fedora 33, both are at driver 460.32.03

My new configuration is much slower doing nvenc encodes - the old hardware is easily 50% faster. If I encode just on the cpu I get 50% better framerates on the new configuration. When I use nvenc encoding, both systems show 100 enc usage (using nvidia-smi dmon -o D) but the OLD system is 50% faster than the new one :( This is true of both x264 and hevc encodes. I’m using ffmpeg 4.3.1 for the encoding.

I think my DaVinci resolve performance is better with the 3070, but not to the degree I was expecting with the upgrade.

Does anyone have any insights?

Turing/Ampere R/GTX 16/20/30xx all share the same encoder which was tuned for quality while the Pascal GTX 10xx encoder was tuned for speed. So the newer encoders are slower but have a better efficiency regarding bitrate/quality.

That’s helpful to know, thank you!