Poor output quality on LCD panel

I am trying to connect DSI display output to an LVDS panel with a bridge from Ti( SN65DSI83) on Tx2, after many times of failure, I get poor display of Ubuntu UI as the pictures:

Is there any plain hint for my configuration on DSI device tree?

Since our DSI driver is not able to read EDID from panel, it depends on you to configure the dsi panel mode in dts.

Thus, please try to configure it to a mode that could work on your panel.

WanyeWWW, Thanks for your feedback. My panel vendor says it is a LCD panel which eats standard LVDS signal has no EDID

But the panel should be at least have it own operation mode/resolution.

Are you sure your dsi driver is programming to the proper mode?
We have some experience that some adapters only accept certain pixel clock.