Poor performance in fluid simulation

I’m having some difficulties with the fluid simulations in Omniverse. The idea of ​​the scene is to observe the behavior of the liquid inside the truck
The truck is created based on the DEMO provided by Nvidia and modified to accommodate the liquid inside the tank. The question is, I’m underperforming and it seems
that my GPU is not being used as it should, I would like to know if there is any Omniverse limitation that prevents me from using it to its maximum capacity.

The following images represent before and after starting the simulation. my FPD drops drastically and graphics card usage doesn’t seem to reach peak performance.


In execution:


My machine has the following configurations:

Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5220R CPU at 2.20 GHz

After all, is there a way to improve this performance? If there is any description or information missing, I can add it here

I typed it wrong, in FDP please consider FPS (frames per second)

By default updates go through USD, its quite possible that most of the time is not spend in simulation, but in updating USD. Can you please try to enable omni.physx.fabric extension and see if the performance gets better?