Just bought a new computer for Cad design. We work with large OEM cad files and I’m not sure why I am getting poor performance from this video card? I have the Quadro RTX 4000. any thoughts or help with settings for large cad file in the size of 1.5gb of data

Thanks for the input


A few questions to help give a bit more detail …

What’s the exact issue you’re experiencing?
What’s the full, detailed specification of the workstation?
What resolution are you running?
Where are your CAD files located?



Intel® Xeon® E-2286G CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.01GHz
32.0 GB ram
NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000

I am trying to work with cad files from GM. example…I receive large cad files lets say of a truck its engine the entire front, fenders, hood, all of the goodies… I could litterally make a truck from these files they send me…they are the exact cad files they use to manufacture the vehicle… so very detailed files, in the size of 1.5 GB and when I load them into my cad software (VISI) my computer struggles with dynamically rotating them. I had this problem on an older computer so I contacted dell and told them I need a bad boy computer with a video card that would handle these cad file I am getting and this is what they recommend I get. I use a 3DCONEXXION spaceball/mouse to rotate the file on the screen…

It is set to 1080p @ 1920x1080 and I am running 2 monitors.

Is it my settings?? or something else.

Thanks Mickey


Thanks for the additional details.

That’s a good spec, can’t initially see any issues with that. 4GHz base with a 4.9GHz Turbo is right up there!

I don’t have any experience with VISI unfortunately, so I’m unsure how it uses the hardware and which components are most relied on for performance gains, and trying to review / validate their system requirements was unhelpful as their Site seems out of date and they don’t have any useful specifications to go on.

Can I please ask that you run this small monitoring utility: https://github.com/JeremyMain/GPUProfiler/releases and collect / review some metrics from your workstation when it’s running VISI and having issues. This will help guide you towards any component that might be struggling. What you can also do as well, is have the “Windows Resource Manager” running (not “Task Manager” as that only shows the CPU as a single entity) and this will show you the utilisation of each of your CPU Cores so that you can see if it’s a single threaded limitation.

Purely as an application comparison, it may be worth downloading an evaluation of the current version of AutoCAD to see if that exhibits the same performance issues. This may be a non-starter depending on whether you have a corporate defined application stack.

If you can’t get anywhere with the monitoring, it would be worth speaking to VISI Tech Support to see if there’s some application tuning that can be done to improve the performance (however that would typically mean there is a hardware limitation).

Regardless of the above, a 1.5GB CAD file is a big file to deal with! It may need breaking down into smaller parts, but I do realise this sometimes isn’t an option as you want to see the entire model at the same time.

I’d be really interested to see the hardware metrics and what kind of load it generates on your workstation if you’re able to share.



thank you for the reply I will get you some data…