Poor performance with OSX CUDA Driver 8.0.81

I’ve been building CUDA Apps for SETI@Home the last couple of years without any problems. The last CUDA driver 8.0.81 for OSX results in very poor performance as compared to previous drivers with about a dozen different App versions, including the two current SETI OSX CUDA Apps and the recent Alpha builds. The problems exist in 10.11.6 & 10.12.4 with 8.0.81, but not with earlier driver versions. Currently I’m using driver 8.0.71 with my Maxwell GPUs. I have a couple GTX 1050s I’d like to try in 10.12.4, but the performance is so bad with the Maxwell GPUs I haven’t bothered to install the 1050s.
Are there any known problems with 8.0.81 with other applications?

Two weeks and not one reply.
I decided to try the GTX 1050 in 10.12.4, which works perfectly fine with the original 10.12.4 drivers and my Maxwell cards. The results were similar to the Maxwell cards with cuda 8.0.81, poor performance in the bench marking tools and horrible performance when run in BOINC. In the Octane benchmark the results are around 10% worse with the cuda 8.0.81 driver verses 8.0.71 with the Maxwell cards in 10.11.6. In the BOINC benchmark the results with 8.0.81 are around 80% worse. In BOINC the results are about 1800% worse with 8.0.81. Is there any hope?

The major point to remember is driver 8.0.81 works just as badly in El Capitan as it does in 10.12.4.

I have very little working knowledge of CUDA in a Mac environment.

If you have a short, self-contained, complete example that demonstrates the perf difference, you might want to file a bug at developer.nvidia.com (you’ll need to register as a developer first if you’ve not already)

Sometimes filing a bug at that portal can be tricky. You might want to file an almost empty bug first, perhaps referring to this forum thread. Then update the bug with the reproducer code and reproducer instructions. If that is troublesome, an easily accessible link to the same may be easier to add to the bug.

I made the post here, https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia_bug/1923801
The machine is currently running the “new” App with driver 8.0.71 here, https://setiathome.berkeley.edu/show_host_detail.php?hostid=6796479