POR status of GPIOS

I am attaching an SD card interface to a carrier for a Nano. As per the Design Document, care must be taken to make sure the GPIO enabling the SD card power supply has the appropriate POR value to prevent the power supply from being active by default. I have been able to find some information on various GPIO POR values but not GPIO3.

So, can anyone tell me the POR value of GPIO3? Also, would this be the same for the TX2NX?

Thank you .

hello david50,

please check pinmux spreadsheets, you may check Jetson Nano Pinmux for GPIO03.

I am new to the pin mux, dts, and so on.
Am I correct is assuming that the power on states of the GPIOS can be changed using this spreadsheet and dtc?


You are correct. Think of a device tree as a way of passing configuration and other information of non-plug-n-play devices to drivers as they load. This includes which configuration a GPIO and other devices operate as. The PINMUX spreadsheet is a way of generating a device tree.

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