Port # in license file; new license not valid


I have two problems with a license I just obtained from Portland Group. I’m running my license server on a Linux box (well, two Linux boxes, because of license server redundancy.)

First, the license I received is set to use port 27000, and I have other flexlm licenses using that port. I want to change the port number for my PG license (to minimize breaking the many users of the other license), but then, at license manager startup, I get many errors right away saying

Invalid license key (inconsistent authentication code)

for each feature listed in license.dat.

So, does anyone know how to change the port number that the license server uses, or do I have to request PG to cut me a new license file?

Second, when I kill off the other license server on 27000, and start the PG license, everything is fine until I try to run a compiler, then I get the same error (inconsistent auth code)! I wonder if my editing (changing 27000 to 27047 and back to 27000) messed up something in the license file? Are there hidden spaces or non-printable characters I might have taken out by mistake? Does the file have to have both carriage-return and line-feeds (Windows format text file?)

Thanks, all!
Tim Sirianni
ScaleMP, Inc.

Hi Tim,

I passed along your question to our customer support folks and got the following response:


  1. You can change the port number to any valid value you wish. The SERVER line hostname and port number are editable. Make sure your hostid (lmutil lmhostid) matches the one in the server line.

  2. Only one PGI license can be managed per license manager. You cannot, for example, run two workstation licenses on the same platform. It you have two releases of our compiler (6.1 and 6.2, for example) use the 6.2 license for all.

  3. Make sure that your license has not changed with added carraige returns or blank lines added. Leave the format of the file alone. If you edited the file on a windows machine, dos2unix license.dat will remove windows characters.


If you still have problems, please feel free to contact Dave directly at license@pgroup.com