Port of Apple OpenCL demos to Windows..

See http://oscarbg.blogspot.com/2009/11/port-o…to-windows.html

Works Nvidia GPUs, AMD GPUs and CPUs…
Needs Forceware 195.39
This package has 5 Apple OpenCL demos:

  • Procedural Geometric Displacement
  • Raytraced Quaternion Julia Set
  • Procedural Grass and Terrain
  • Procedural_Noise32
  • NBody Simulation Example

Key points:
*It has 32 and 64 binaries.
*OpenGL interop! up to 2X in perf! (only on Nvidia 195.39 drivers currently) :
World first OpenCL OpenGl interop in Windows!?
*Select CPU and GPU and OGL interop or not in one exec
*Linux perhaps coming soon…

  • Source code (depends on feedback on my blog): I have aVS2008 solution with project files!


Thanks for posting this, and nice work on the ports. That Apple Nbody demo sure looks familiar!