Porting ATWILC3000 to JetPack

I am developing a custom carrier board for the Jetson Nano/Xavier NX.

I’m using Microchip’s ATWILC3000 module for BLE and WiFi, connected using SPI.
I’m dedicating the SPI1 available on the 40 for this purpose (GPIO8, GPIO9, GPIO10, GPIO11). The module also needs 3 GPIOs, 2 for controlling RESET (GPIO13, SOM pin no. 228) and ENABLE (GPIO4, SOM pin no. 127) on the module, and 1 for handling interrupts generated by the module (GPIO5, SOM pin no. 128).
I have not been able to locate the sysfs gpio number for GPIO5.

I have followed the driver porting guide linked here.

I have also noticed that, on the devkit, GPIO5 (SOM pin 128) is used for disabling WiFi on the M.2 E-key, and that GPIO4 is used to control the power LED.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to disable these two functions?



Do you mean you want to check the GPIO 4 and 5?

Please open the jetson nano pinmux spreadsheet and find out these two pins. The pin id would be shown in pinmux spreadsheet too. You can use that ID to calculate the GPIO #.

Yes, I did want to check those pins.

Thanks for the heads-up about the pinmux spreadsheet, I completely missed it.