Porting Snappy Ubuntu on Jetson TK1

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to implement an atomic transactional OverTheAir update mechanism on both software and kernel level for our jetson tk1s.

I have come across snappy ubuntu which serves just the right purpose but unfortunately TK1 doesn’t support snappy core. Well as far as i know.

Then I found this interesting guide [url]https://ograblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/25/porting-ubuntu-snappy-to-a-yet-unsupported-armhf-board/[/url] and have been trying to apply it on jetson TK1 but so far I’m bit lost on the way.

On points like
-updating uEnv file in uboot on jetson (couldn’t find where it is) to setup the bootloader for snappy
-patching the kernel image with snappy configurations
-uInitrd support for jetson tk1

Do you think this is feasible t all? On which areas should I proceed to achieve my target? Any input will be highly appreciated.

Thank you!


Hi AJ_Fernando and savy91,

Ubuntu Snappy has some kernel version requirements (3.14, if I recall correctly) that are not met by the kernel we provide (3.10) for TK1.

Distribution porting is the responsibility of the customer, as we provide a reference Ubuntu distribution, but choice of distribution is customer’s responsibility.

Canonical provides a porting guide for Snappy as well, suggest to ask this question on Canonical’s Launchpad, rather than a Jetson forum.


Hi AJ_Fernando, savy91 and kaycc,

You are right, Ubuntu Core does provide OTA transactional updates!

FYI you can find our Snappy Ubuntu Core Kernel Porting Guide here:

This should help you build a kernel for your Jetson TK1 board. Regarding your questions around uenv and bootloader: could you please reach out to our snappy IRC channel (#snappy on irc.freenode.net)? On IRC you’ll be able to interact with people like ogra, who wrote the blog you are referencing. Alternatively, you can also email your questions to snappy-devel@lists.ubuntu.com (you can join the mailing list at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/snappy-devel).

Thanks for your interest in Ubuntu Core!