Porting Toshiba TC358743 to L4T


I’m trying to port the Toshiba TC358743 driver from mainline kernel 4.3 to L4T 21.4. Has anyone already done this?


Check this: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/932740/jetson-tx1/tc358748-parallel-to-mipi-v4l2-driver/post/4866782/#4866782

Let me know if you need help on this

Just in case we got the driver working with Auvidea boards and tegra X1. You can read more about it here:


Hi every one.

Currently i can connect B102 with J100 and get data 720P60 from it with RGB color space but now i want to config B102 output with YV12 color space for shorter capture time. When i tried to change color space to YV12 in driver, i only grabbed still image, not video. Have any one meet this situation before. Please help me?
dmesg_2017-12-12_16-20-00_hdmi_dvi.txt (98.5 KB)
dmesg_2017-12-12_16-08-00_getdata_single_frame.txt (97.3 KB)

Step 4 at that link says “Download tc358743-r24.2.1-j106.tar.gz file and apply the patches.” Where can I download the ‘tc358743-r24.2.1-j106.tar.gz’ file?

Hi everyone.

I got it working now.



Where can I download the ‘tc358743-r24.2.1-j106.tar.gz’ file?

Did you download it to tc358743-r24.2.1-j106.tar.gz?

I was not download tc358743-r24.2.1-j106.tar.gz and i modify driver source by my own and it works eventually.

@haihoangsoftware have you managed to make it work for video? Can you share some info on how?