Portrait display via hdmi, cboot nvidia logo

I have a jetson nano emmc b00 with a vertical display connected via hdmi. The display is powered independently of the jetson.
Problem appears at boot time, instead of the nvidia logo it shows intereferences. Jetson with other monitors is fine. Display with other devices is fine.

Device tree patch with nvidia,skip-display-init for node “chosen” doesn’t solve the problem. Actually it doesn’t affect anything at all. Deleting the bmp.blob I also tried

serial_log (34.6 KB)

How did you add nvidia,skip-display-init?

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Oh, I understand now. CBoot reads another device tree. Then everything works and display stays off at cboot.

So, maybe I can fix this interferences somehow else? Rotate logo?

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What is the exact target here? Want to disable the logo or??

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It would be perfect if my custom logo was displayed instead of the interference

Would you suggest any solution?

No, there is no solution. The resolution that can support in cboot are fixed.

Only those common modes are supported.

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