Portrait Mode with 3 monitors

Grid k1
HP ProLiant WS460c Gen8 WS Blade
grid k180q profile
windows 7 64bit
view 6.0.1
tools 9.7.3 build 2140827
driver version:

i am having an issue with having 3 monitors 2 being landscape and 1 being portrait. when i log in using my wyse p45 gen 2 zero client with 4.5.1 firmware. It tries to go to all three but then puts the other monitors to sleep and then goes to only one. all three work in landscape mode.

Also the performance with this profile is not that impressive i was hoping to see more. I followed the vmware nvidia vgpu deploymentguide v2. i think it might have something to do with PCOIP because the applications renders good FPS but the screen refresh seems to drag.

maybe there is some tuning you can suggest.

Hi Chris,

Official support from VMware is only for 2 displays, even though it does work. I’d check with VMware on running this setup.

I’d agree with you that the issue of performance is likely to be at the PCoIP level. You’ve already identified that you’re getting good FPS in the VM which shows the GPU is working as expected, the likely bottleneck is the CPU in the VM (unless you’re using a Teradici Apex card), the network available bandwidth , and the client itself, though you should get 60fps comfortably on the p45.