ports active but LEDs not lighting up


This morning I plugged in a new IB switch IS5023, connected cables everything works great with the exception of 2 LED lights at two ports, which do not light up. These ports seem to be working, just LED indicators at front panel are dead. I have only 10 nodes connected so far and I did not test remaining 8 ports. I can see that these LED light up inside the switch but the corresponding triangles at the front panel do not. Has anybody seen anything like this? Bad assembly? New switch, just taken out of the box.

Thanks for your advice. It’s mechanical problem. The light guiding pipes that suppose to transmits light from LED on a switch mainboard to front panel indicators had been detached from the enclosure (perhaps due to bad shipment handling).


Do you know the Firmware version of the switch?

How to perform remotely-managed switch firmware query:

1.1) Install MFT (Mellanox firmware tools) on a host connected to the same fabric as the remotely managed switch.

The MFT installation package can be downloaded using the following link:

http://www.mellanox.com/page/management_tools http://www.mellanox.com/page/management_tools

Please note that if MLNX_OFED driver is installed on that host, the MFT will be installed as well.

1.2) Start the mst driver by invoking: mst start

1.3) Add all fabric’s devices, by invoking: mst ib add

1.4) Invoke: ibswitches.

Match the relevant switch GUID from the Mellanox switch label to the LID.

1.5) Display all mst devices in the fabric, by invoking: mst status

1.6) Identify the relevant remotely managed switch mst representation based on the switch LID .

Please note that the ‘ibswitches’ switch’s LID is in Decimal base format, and the mst device switch representation is in Hexadecimal base format.

1.7) Query the switch’s firmware by invoking:

flint -d <remote_switch_mst_device> q


flint -d /dev/mst/SW_MT51000_Is-5023_lid-0x001B -qq q

The output will contain the firmware version, device ID, PSID, etc.

If you will provide the output , we can check maybe it has an old firmware and maybe an upgrade will help.