Pose tracker retarget animaion, how to export?

Hello guys, I did some test with pose tracker, and I used the animation retarget tab to make my own character move, but how do I export this animation? I tried usd and fbx and it doesn’t work, I cant even apply the animation to the character without the retargeter, what is the intended workflow?

Hi @Lucas_Rodrigo

The workflow does work as you describe. Setup your character for retarget - setup PE parameters - and use the animation recorder built into the extension. Without further information it’s difficult to help you resolve the issue.

Is the target skeleton in the recorder set to your re targeted skeleton? This field should update to match the skeleton you setup in the re targeting section. But one way to get the result you are describing is if that target is still pointing to the default A2G skeleton. Then you would need to retarget the motion from that skel to your skel again.

Check this tutorial and if your are following this workflow and getting the same errors please provide a log file and the USD file you exported from the recorder.

Thank you!


Up to the point of the video I got it working!

but when I import my rig and connect it to the pose tracker, the spine goes crazy

them I tried the “animation retargeting” tab, setup the character there, and connected him to the sol rig where I recorded the animation from the pose tracker

the mesh goes crazy, but the bones are ok, how do I export my own character armature with this animation?

I want to retarget it in blender, and do some cleanup in cascadeur

Does the current usd workflow export animation?
In the blender branch I can’t see the option for it…
also if the retargeting doesn’t work, is possible to export the sol rig in t-pose with the pose tracker animation?

many thanks!

Hi Lucas, thanks for the details. There are a few possibilities here.

If you can share the log file that would be great! If you can share the asset - even better!

You might want to check your Retarget Pose - Auto-retarget does it’s best to find the right joints but with so many custom variables in all the rigs out there sometimes things can go wrong. Adjusting the re-target pose may resolve some issues. You can add additional tags or adjust the tags current setup. Check the joint mapping is what you expect for your joint layout and make adjustments to the re-target settings. You can add a custom tag for the hips etc to try resolve that spine offset.

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