POSIX queues on NVIDIA TX2 JetPack 3.0


We have a program using POSIX queues running successfully on a NVIDIA TX1. The NVIDIA TX1 was flashed with JetPack 3.0. Now we have bought a TX2 and trying to run the same program. The TX2 is also flashed with JetPack 3.0. The code builds fine, but when running the program we get errno 38 (Function not implemented) when trying to open a queue using mq_open.

Have anyone tried using POSIX queues on a TX2?

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JetPack 3 uses a different L4T release for a TX1 versus a TX2. A TX2 uses R27.1 on this JetPack (a 4.x series kernel), a TX1 uses R24.2.1 (a 3.x series kernel) on this JetPack. Kernel configs will differ. If you want a more uniform environment for building on both TX1 and TX2 you may find it beneficial to migrate to R28.1 (under JetPack 3.1 both use R28.1 which is the same 4.x kernel).

Message queues require kernel config option “CONFIG_POSIX_MQUEUE”. This is enabled by default on the older TX1 kernels, but not by default on the newer TX2 kernels. I don’t know if this can be built as a module, but once your kernel has this configured it should work.