possibility of real time 500fps video compression?

Hey community.

I’m working on a project that involves compressing an enormous amount of images off a camera on the fly. specifically 500fps at 650x500px resolution. Overall roughly ~200MB/s.

I’m assuming that this wouldn’t be a problem given that GPUs can compress HD video at a comparable byte rate. Does anyone know if it would work on something as small and low-power as a Jetson TX1?

Apologies if my assumptions are wrong, I am new to CUDA and GPUs in general

With regard to Jetson TX1, you are likely to receive faster/better answers in the “Jetson and Embedded Systems” forum next door.

To answer your question, people likely would likely want to know what the intended source and destination formats for the data are, and what kind of compression ratio you are envisioning. Should the compression be lossy or lossless? Are these video frames, or individual images? Do you plan to write your own compression software in CUDA?

Are there any particular requirements, for example with regard to end-to-end latency? BTW, your bandwidth estimate seems low based on the image size and frame rate. Are these simply greyscale pictures using 8-bit per pixel?