Possibility to support Windows 11 arm64ec on jetson familly

Hello, ARM64EC from Microsoft is a new application binary interface (ABI) for Windows 11 on ARM that runs with native speed and is interoperable with x86_64 aka x64.
We use NI LabVIEW software for AI and it’s based on x86_64.
Could you consider envisage supporting the new windows 11 ARM announced for this Fall 2023 on JetSON and/or all NVIDIA ARM product ?
The bridge made by ARM64EC between ARM and the world of Windows x64 applications would open up more opportunities for NVIDIA.
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Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums! Your topic will get more exposure in the Jetson forums, so I am moving it there for you.

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Currently, we don’t have plan to support ARM64EC from Microsoft on Jetson.

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