[Possible BUG] Memory leak + strange ROS behaviour when setting the ros prefix


I noticed that if I use


and switch back and forth between two prefixes (in such a way I can then use only one viewport to render), I get out of memory.

Looking at nvidia-smi I noticed that at every iteration the GPU memory usage increases, every time that call is made.

Would be great if you can check it and maybe solve it in the next iteration.

Moreover, that settings gets appended also at the frame_id, which is usually NOT wanted.

If I create a camera with

		"ROSBridgeCreateCamera", path=f"/ROSCamera_0", frame_id=my_frame_id, ....]

the final frame is
instead of my_frame_id
I would expect the prefix to change only the topics, not the actual frame.
Would be great to have a flag for that as this limits the flexibility of the code IMO.

Beside that, I would be courious if it is possible to render a single viewport and not the whole application/multiple viewports at the same time.