Possible driver bug in vkSetDebugUtilsObjectNameEXT?

Hi. I have a strange crash when calling the vkSetDebugUtilsObjectNameEXT function. The extension itself was listed when the instance was initialized. The functions were obtained through vkGetInstanceProcAddr. Also everything works fine with red team GPU, but NVIDIA crashes inside nvoglv64.dll Driver version is 471.68 No extra layers or something. Here is my callstack

 	nvoglv64.dll!00007ffc9045f25a()	Unknown
 	nvoglv64.dll!00007ffc9045f20a()	Unknown
 	vulkan-1.dll!00007ffd0c2517de()	Unknown
 	vulkan-1.dll!00007ffd0c234cbe()	Unknown
>	editor.exe!eq::render::vk::VKTexture::SetDebugProfileName(const std::basic_string<char,std::char_traits<char>,eq::AllocatorStd<char>> & debug_profile_name) Line 454	C++