Possible solution to black screen blanking (GTX 960)

Got an EVGA GTX 960 SC 4GB and hit with the semi-common black screen issue. Read everything I could find (panic mode, avoid RMA at all costs). Was disappointed by the possible PSU fail (Raidmax RX-500S w/22A on +12V rail), but that worry died based on others with high-end PSUs having the same problem. Thought it could be timing issues w/Monitor (using a cheapo LCD TV @ 1920x1080 HDMI). Re-wrote xorg.conf every which-a-way.

I’ll give infinite guesses at what is working (so far):

Wait for it…

Plug the monitor into a different circuit. I had my system, my monitor, my DSL modem, my speakers, a desk lamp, all plugged into the same power strip.

Moving the monitor to a different outlet solved it all. [Needs verification: I’m mostly sure I put the monitor on a different circuit, not just a different outlet on the same circuit. Have rewired most of my house, but not the computer room!] My guess is that when the card went into high-power-draw the monitor would lose power.

Not guaranteeing this is a solution, but worth trying…