Possible to boot Xavier image on Orin Nano

We have an instrument developed by a company that is no longer in business. Their parts list for the system includes a Jetson Orin Nano development kit. However, as we investigated further, the device in the instrument is a P3669 (Xavier NX, dev model with SD card) attached to a P3509 carrier board.

We duplicated the SD card and put it into the Orin Nano. It of course fails to boot. Is there a way to boot this image on the Orin Nano or copy the application partition to a system that will boot on the Orin?

Correction to the part number. The Xavier module is a P3668 (3668-0000-200).

For Orin Nano devkit, you can download the Orin Nano devkit SD Card image from JetPack SDK Page
However, we do not have support for these modules with the Xavier NX or Nano Developer Kit, sorry for that.

Just some things to think about…

  • If your Xavier was using L4T R34.x or newer (see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”), then you might be able to create (manually) an Orin with the same packages.
  • If your Xavier was using L4T R32.x or earlier, then it is unlikely to have a direct package-to-package mapping. R32.x is Ubuntu 18, while R34.x+ is Ubuntu 20; compound this by the boot content (and equivalent of BIOS in software) being completely different between the two. R34.x+ switched to UEFI (which is a really good choice IMHO), and has nothing in common with earlier boot content. The rootfs must be compatible with the boot content (and this in turn must be compatible with the equivalent software of BIOS content).
  • You can always save a clone of the SD card for later reference. You can use dd to create a permanent archive of that content. User space programs which are installed without using the package (.deb/apt) system will probably not care in many cases about whether it is Ubuntu 18 or Ubuntu 20 (although it might care about libraries and services linked to). As long as you have a read-only archive of the SD card you can experiment more (or create a new SD from the clone).

Thanks for the info. This is what I suspected - that the boot content was completely different.

We’re definitely R32 or earlier as the OS is Ubuntu 18.04.04 LTS. Another complication is we don’t have root privs and the main user isn’t in the sudoers group. The system is remote, so I have to wait to see if I can use recovery techniques to reset the root password.

We have a dd clone of the SD card. I’m working with that and some sparse documentation to see what we can do. Most of the package was written in Python, so library and package dependencies may be the issue we face with an Orin Nano.

I’ve purchased an Xavier NX dev kit. I’m hoping that as long as I can create a successful boot environment with the same Jetpack release using SDK manager, that I can swap out the SD card for the clone and boot it. Appreciate any guidance on how to make that work. Thanks.

Confirmed - R32

R32 (release), REVISION: 4.3, GCID: 21589087, BOARD: t186ref, EABI: aarch64, DATE: Fri Jun 26 04:34:27 UTC 2020

Python is usually portable, but there are older Python 2 apps, and newer Python 3 apps. You’d have to use the correct release (you can install both Python version interpreters). Plus, what the Python uses relative to CUDA might be an issue. R32.x uses CUDA 10, while R34.x+ uses CUDA 11 (with a container available for CUDA 12). Some porting for the CUDA release might be needed.

C or C++ programs could be rebuilt, but they too would also need porting for any linked CUDA.

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