Possible to change IP address of Websight server?


My robot is connected to two separate networks - one is a local Wi-Fi network onboard the robot, and the other is a 4G Internet connection. When I run the Isaac system, WebSight can be seen on localhost:3000 as expected. WebSight can also be seen remotely by connecting to port 3000 on the computer over the 4G Internet connection. However, WebSight cannot be accessed from port 3000 over the local Wi-Fi network in this configuration. WebSight becomes accessible over the local Wi-Fi network when the 4G Internet connection is removed however.

I have 2 questions:

  1. How does the WebSight server choose which network interface to serve data over?
  2. I would like to access the WebSight server over the local Wi-Fi network at all times. Can I set the WebSight server to selectively serve data over the Wi-Fi network rather than the my 4G Internet connection?


If I understood correctly, you can access Websight through your 4G IP address:3000 but not your Wi-FI address:3000. Websight server uses uWebSockets and does not specify a network interface to listen on which should make it available on all interfaces. Could there be a firewall or anything blocking port 3000 on your wlan adapter perhaps?

I might be able to help you out. To address your first question, you might be able to set the WebSight server to selectively serve data over the Wi-Fi network by changing the default network route. One thing to keep in mind is that some websites use ip proxy detection to locate and identify website visitors by their IP address. This is a security measure that helps prevent malicious users from accessing sensitive data. To answer your second question, the WebSight server might be automatically selecting which network interface to use based on the default network route.