Possible to have TX2 appear as webcam on my host?

I just received a Jetson TX2 to play around with! Unfortunately, I’m new to the Linux world. I was wondering if it is possible (or script) that allows me to setup the TX2 as a webcam on my host computer so I can stream live images over USB?

There are a number of ways to do streaming, especially over ethernet (e.g., RTSP streaming). What you are probably looking for is to have the micro-B USB appear as a webcam, but unfortunately this requires “isochronous” mode in USB. When acting as a USB device Jetsons are unable to support isochronous mode (this is a hardware limitation).

Thanks for the info! Just to clarify, by hardware limitation, do you mean that the dev. kit that I currently have is not wired for isochronous transfer?

The module populating the carrier board is itself incapable of acting as an isochronous mode USB device. It would not matter which carrier board you use since the module itself has that limitation. Ethernet streaming is a possibility, many people use RTSP.